Seeing What’s Possible

Structuring for Success

Arena is organized to spur innovative thinking and then support it with formalized, reliable processes.

Our Approach

Firm Overview

Arena Investors, LP is a registered investment advisor that originates investments (generally below $50 million) with borrowers and other counterparties who need access to financing and are otherwise not able to access conventional sources. We have complete mandate flexibility across industry, product, and geography. Our experienced, in-house investment team, combined with our hyper-aligned joint venture partners, enable Arena to source far more opportunities than our available capital. This allows Arena to be selective in identifying a highly diversified number of opportunities designed to offer optimal risk/reward, where our investors (and Arena’s own permanent capital base, which is co-invested alongside our clients) receive adequate compensation as well as downside protection.

Mandate Flexibility

Arena’s mandate is unconstrained in terms of industry, product, geography, and duration. We are equally comfortable as merchant partners, financiers, or traders. Because each particular area has its own cycles, we want the ability to not have to invest in the wrong thing at the wrong time – simply, the flexibility to say “no.” By having complete mandate flexibility, we are also able to create a highly diversified overall portfolio to minimize both idiosyncratic risk and correlation to the overall market.


Along with mandate flexibility, our ability to vet a large number of transactions – both through our experienced, in-house team and our network of hyper-aligned joint venture partners – gives us an edge.


Given that we deal with many disparate asset types and ultimately get compensated for “process risk” – the ability to move quickly, look at an out-of-favor industry, and/or assess a non-traditional asset-type, for example – our proprietary systems allow us to take many disparate transactions and organize them into a common framework for due diligence, servicing, and controls.

Asset Servicing

We have an affiliated entity dedicated to each transaction for surveillance, risk assessment, valuation, and relationship management. We also have the resources necessary to handle all potential forms of special servicing. To learn more, please visit