Real Estate Private Investments

Arena makes property-backed loans in a wide variety of scenarios not typically covered by mortgage lenders.

Investment size



Up to 80-90%

Average term

1-3 years



Strategy Description

Our Real Estate Private Investments team seeks opportunistic commercial mortgage lending and secondary market purchases of loans that are secured by transitional and other types of niche properties across a variety of asset types:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality
  • Self-storage
  • Condo inventory
  • Land and select construction-development (including NNN lease development financing) assets

Arena provides speed of execution, and its flexible capital allows for out-of-the-box creative structures to meet borrowers’ financing needs.

Underwriting Ability

Value-add, opportunistic, distressed, story deals, quick closings, asset repositioning, recourse and non-recourse and special purpose real estate


Direct lending to real estate owners, investors, developers, operators, partnerships, and financing to real estate private lenders

Investment Structures

Value-Add Bridge Loans

  • Investment size: $5M-$50M
  • Rates: SOFR plus 5% - 8%
  • LTV/LTC: up to 80%
  • Term: 2-3 years
  • Fees: 1% - 2%
  • Recourse and non-recourse options
  • Floating and fixed rates
  • No minimum DSCR

Opportunistic Bridge Loans

  • Investment size: $5M-$50M
  • Rates: SOFR plus 6% - 9%
  • LTV/LTC: up to 90% (and up to 100% for credit NNN lease development financing)
  • Term: 1-3 years
  • Fees: 2% - 3%
  • Recourse and non-recourse options
  • 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage, and mezzanine loans

Private Lender Finance

  • Investment size: $5M-$50M
  • Rates: SOFR plus 5% - 8%
  • 80% - 90% advances on note amounts
  • A/B Note and pari passu
  • Match terms
  • Single notes and portfolios
  • New originations and loan acquisitions (performing and non-performing)
  • Servicing retained options
  • Private label

Fact Sheet


DPeter Lockez

Managing Director, Real Estate


Tourist Property in Costa Brava, Spain

1st Lien

€7.5 Million

October 2023

Office Building in Kifissia, Greece

Asset Purchase

€4.5 Million

October 2023

Residential Project in Pefki, Greece

Asset Acquisition

€4.7 Million

October 2023

Retail Plaza in West Sacramento, CA

1st Mortgage

$27 Million

October 2023

Tourist Property in Algarve, Portugal

Asset Purchase

€7.1 Million

August 2023

Assisted Living Facility in Lewisville, TX

Acquisition through Municipal Credits

$7.9 Million

July 2023

Retail Plaza in New Orleans, LA

1st Mortgage

$13.3 Million

July 2023

Condominium Development in Astoria, Queens

1st Mortgage

$3.7 Million

May 2023

Mixed-use Land Developments in GA

1st Mortgage

$19 Million

May 2023

Non-Performing Residential Mortgages

Hard Asset

$5.6 Million

May 2023

Spanish Hotel

Asset Purchase

€12.3 Million

April 2023

Mixed-use Land Developments in Orlando, FL

1st Mortgage

$13 Million

April 2023

Amounts shown are for Arena Investors’ commitment or the global facility commitment where Arena Investors was leading the transaction, including in cases in which a joint venture partner of Arena Investors was involved, unless such amount of Arena Investors’ participation was less than 90% of the total, in which case only the Arena Investors commitment is included. In certain cases, amounts shown are inclusive of follow-on commitments and/or combine related transactions. Amounts may be indications that are different than actual funded amounts. This information is intended to be illustrative and is not an offer or a solicitation to invest. No representation is made about the attractiveness or performance of the transactions. This document and its contents are the proprietary information of Arena Investors and may not be reproduced or disseminated, in whole or in part, without Arena’s prior written consent.

Fact Sheet & Contact

DPeter Lockez

Managing Director, Real Estate