Asia-Pacific Private Investments

Arena has a long history and on-the-ground teams in the Asia-Pacific region.

Investment size


Average term

1-5 years



Strategy Description

The Arena Asia-Pacific team focuses on opportunistic credit-related investments and has a flexible mandate that features direct lending, asset acquisitions and the formation of joint ventures. Core competencies include the ability to underwrite esoteric assets, tailored investment structures and problem-solving capabilities. Issuers typically place a premium on speed of execution, creativity in structure and the ability to navigate complexity.

Underwriting Ability

All investments are underpinned by value that may be derived from traditional or non-traditional assets. Arena does not take a formulaic approach and instead focuses on how assets translate into cash flow.

  • Corporate private credit
  • Real estate/hard assets
  • NAV loans
  • Structured finance
  • Consumer assets
  • Loan portfolios
  • Specialty finance capitalizations
  • Structured convertibles
  • Other financial instruments

Investment Structures

  • Bridge loans
  • Preferred equity
  • Contractual fee streams and royalties
  • ​Senior & mezzanine term loans
  • Asset-backed loans
  • Venture loans
  • Convertible debt
  • Asset purchases
  • Joint ventures
  • DIPs & exit financings

Fact Sheet


Asia-Pacific Private Investments


Australian Mineral Development Company

Structured Private Convertible

$25 Million

July 2023

Share-backed Loan - Korea

1st Lien Senior Secured Loan

₩15 Billion

September 2022

Affordable Housing in New Zealand

1st Mortgage Term Loan

NZ$36.8 Million

August 2022

Consumer Finance Company - Indonesia

ABL facility and Term Notes

$30 Million

July 2022

Residential Development in Queenstown, New Zealand

1st Mortgage Bridge Loan

A$17.5 Million

June 2022

Luxury Residential Real Estate Developer

Structured Convertible Note

₩10 Billion

April 2022

Australian Retirement Communities

1st Mortgage

A$18 Million

April 2022

IT Service Company in Republic of Korea

Structured Private Convertible

₩20 Billion

November 2021

Residential Development in South Korea

1st Lien Senior Secured Loan

₩17 Billion

August 2021

Affordable Housing in New Zealand

1st Mortgage

NZ$51.1 Million

July 2021

Coal Power Plant in India

Distressed Loan Purchase

$7.4 Million

July 2021

Affordable Housing in New Zealand

1st Mortgage

NZ$103.4 Million

July 2021

Amounts shown are for Arena Investors’ commitment or the global facility commitment where Arena Investors was leading the transaction, including in cases in which a joint venture partner of Arena Investors was involved, unless such amount of Arena Investors’ participation was less than 90% of the total, in which case only the Arena Investors commitment is included. In certain cases, amounts shown are inclusive of follow-on commitments and/or combine related transactions. Amounts may be indications that are different than actual funded amounts. This information is intended to be illustrative and is not an offer or a solicitation to invest. No representation is made about the attractiveness or performance of the transactions. This document and its contents are the proprietary information of Arena Investors and may not be reproduced or disseminated, in whole or in part, without Arena’s prior written consent.

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Asia-Pacific Private Investments