Secondaries & Liquidity Solutions

Arena creates welcome liquidity for GPs, LPs and others with flexible transactions across industries.

Investment size






Strategy Description

The Arena Secondaries & Liquidity Solutions team provides capital solutions to parties and entities in the GP/LP ecosystem. Forms include equity, debt, and/or hybrid securities created as customized solutions to precisely address the goals of all stakeholders.

Underwriting Ability

  • Single or multi-asset opportunities
  • Complex situations
  • Bespoke structures
  • GP interests


Solutions are provided to…

  • General partners
  • Limited partners
  • Investment vehicles
  • Directly to assets

Investment Structures

GP-led Transactions (lead or syndicate investor)

  • Continuation vehicles
  • Tender offers
  • Preferred and other hybrid instruments
  • Opportunistic co-investments

LP-led Transactions

  • Single line items
  • Portfolio transactions
  • Hedge fund side pockets

Loans & Other

  • GP loans
  • NAV loans
  • Bespoke structures


AVijay Rao

Managing Director, Secondaries & Liquidity Solutions


Fintech Company

GP-Led: Continuation Vehicle

$31.7 Million

March 2023

Oilfield Products Company

GP-Led: Continuation Vehicle

$25 Million

November 2022

NAV Loan

1st Lien Term Loan

$5 Million

June 2017

NAV Loan

1st Lien NAV Loan

$10 Million

January 2017

Amounts shown are for Arena Investors’ commitment or the global facility commitment where Arena Investors was leading the transaction, including in cases in which a joint venture partner of Arena Investors was involved, unless such amount of Arena Investors’ participation was less than 90% of the total, in which case only the Arena Investors commitment is included. In certain cases, amounts shown are inclusive of follow-on commitments and/or combine related transactions. Amounts may be indications that are different than actual funded amounts. This information is intended to be illustrative and is not an offer or a solicitation to invest. No representation is made about the attractiveness or performance of the transactions. This document and its contents are the proprietary information of Arena Investors and may not be reproduced or disseminated, in whole or in part, without Arena’s prior written consent.


AVijay Raoz

Managing Director, Secondaries & Liquidity Solutions